Luciana Dalla Valle

Luciana is Associate Professor of Data Science and Statistics. Luciana joined the University of Plymouth in September 2011 as a Lecturer in Statistics. Previously, she has been Post-Doctoral Fellow at the Department of Economics, Business and Statistics of the University of Milan (Italy). She obtained a PhD in Statistics from the University of Milano-Bicocca (Italy) in 2007.  Luciana’s research interests include copula dependence modelling, Bayesian statistics and Markov chain Monte Carlo methods and the use of probabilistic graphical models to improve information quality. She is also interested in calibration approaches to integrate information from various sources, including official statistics, with applications to big data, social media and data science.  She authored and co-authored over 50 publications on topics such as multivariate and dependence modelling, Bayesian statistics, biostatistics, financial time series analysis, survey methodology, industrial statistics, data mining, risk management and statistical education.  She serves as an independent reviewer for research project proposals and for a number of international scientific journals.  She is Associate Editor of the Journal of Official Statistics.