James P Edwards

James’ research focusses on theoretical physics and interactions between fundamental particles in the framework of quantum field theory (QFT). He is an expert in the “Worldline Formalism” of quantum field theory, a first quantised approach that is ideally suited to calculating scattering amplitudes and the quantum effective action in background electromagnetic or gravitational fields. James uses a variety of analytic and numerical (Monte Carlo) techniques to study quantum fields and the non-perturbative gauge structure of QFT.

Following undergraduate and master’s degrees at the University of Cambridge, James obtained his Ph.D. working in the CPT group at the University of Durham. His postdoctoral career involved time at the University of Bath and the Universidad Michoacana in Mexico. He later became a faculty member at Universidad Michoacana as an assistant professor (Profesor Titular A) and a member of their National System of Investigators, leading a prestigious national research project under the “Frontier Science” program. He joined the Plymouth team in early 2022 as a Lecturer in Theoretical Physics – he maintains strong ties with colleagues in Mexico, Argentina, Italy and Germany working on worldline techniques in QED, QCD and background field QFT and is collaborating on the LUXE high-intensity laser experiment proposed at DESY in which Plymouth is playing an important role.

Research interests:

High Energy Physis / Quantum Field Theory / Strong Field QED / First Quantisation – Worldline Formalism