Signatures of strongly coupled extensions of the Standard Model


The so-called lattice approach   is a very successful first principle method that allows to  solve Gauge Theories. Calculations resort to large scale simulations and are typically run on the largest supercomputers.  Lattice simulations are a unique tool to explore non perturbative phenomena in theories which are not well understood. In Nature, non perturbative phenomena give rise to the mass of the ordinary proton, whose mass mostly come from the binding energy of its constituents : the quarks. Tremendous efforts are being made to design extensions of the Standard Model of particle physics using similar mechanism  that could  for instance explain the mass and properties of the Higgs boson.

In this project we will use lattice simulations  to explore new non perturbative dynamics and provide quantitative results that are relevant for experiments searching for new physics like the one performed by the  world’s largest accelerator:  the Large Hadron Collider (LHC).  The project will also provide a deeper understanding of non perturbative phenomena in particle physics and push back the knowledge frontier.  The project will rely heavily on code development, numerical simulations, data analysis and theoretical development of new methods.

Supervisor: Dr Vincent Drach