Group: Physics

Craig McNeile

Quantum Field Theory, Lattice Gauge Theories, Computational Physics, Numerical Simulations, High Performance Computing. Craig is an expert in precision lattice QCD calculations of the matrix elements required for particle physics

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Ben King

Theoretical Physics, Quantum Electrodynamics in intense electromagnetic fields and finite temperature. Ben’s research focus is the physics of photons and charged particles in intense electromagnetic fields, which is described by

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Tom Heinzl

Theoretical Physics. Particle Physics and the Theories of Electromagnetic and Strong Interactions. Strong-Field Quantum Electrodynamics employing High-Power Lasers. Tom is an internationally leading expert in laser particle physics. During its

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Antonio Rago

Theoretical physics, computational physics, particle physics, Standard Model and its extensions, lattice gauge theories, statistical mechanics. Antonio is a theoretical physicist who has a strong interest in computational physics. His

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