Vincent Drach

Non perturbative phenomena in Quantum Field Theory, lattice QCD, high energy physics, models of new physics, large scale simulation


Vincent is a theoretical physicist focusing on various aspects of strongly interacting particles.  He is using the so-called lattice approach which resorts to large scale simulation and High Performance Computing  to make non perturbative predictions. On one hand his predictions are used to test the validity of  the Standard Model of particle physics.  On the other hand he is exploring new theories that could solve the most challenging issues of contemporary particle physics. He is in close relationship with experiments such that the ones performed at Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at CERN, Geneva . His interest currently lies in developing new methods to address fundamental issues in this context.

Vincent obtained is PhD in Grenoble, France, before moving to Germany (DESY-Zeuthen), to Denmark (CP3-Origins) and was then awarded by a research fellowship at CERN.