Philip Dyke

Geophysical Fluid Dynamics, Theoretical Oceanography, Coastal Sea Modeling, Idealized Models of Natural Ventilation.

Phil has been an academic all his life spanning over 40 years and four different UK Universities. The last half has been dominated by administration with 22 years as Head of School, but now he is pleased to concentrate on research and teaching. He has developed analytical tidal models as well as models of coastal currents and wave trapping around islands; and he administered a big international research group for thirty years (1981 – 2011) organizing biennial conferences and research output in international leading journals. He has written many textbooks: in mechanics; marine dynamics; and various areas of mathematics. He has been an external examiner for over 10 different University undergraduate mathematics degrees, and over 20 PhDs, supervising a similar number. Recently he has become interested in natural ventilation problems using classical fluid dynamics.