Matthew Craven

Nonlinear optimisation. Operational Research. Cryptology. Computational simulation. Financial mathematics. Computational algebra.

Matthew joined the University of Plymouth as a Lecturer of Applied Mathematics in September 2013, having been a Lecturer of Mathematics in Dundee, Scotland. His research covers several different topics, from graph theory and nonlinear optimisation to financial mathematics, cryptography and cybersecurity. He has been involved with collaborative projects in the UK, Germany and Japan and several grant applications in the applications of mathematics to cybersecurity, regularly contributing to top conferences such as GECCO and EVOSTAR. He is the PI for the Plymouth University NVIDIA GPU Research Center (a poster produced is available here), which is now named the Plymouth GPU Research Centre, and extensively utilises the High Performance Computing facility at the university.

Matthew is the Programme Manager for the six Foundation Year programmes in the School of Computing, Electronics and Mathematics. His responsibilities also extend to admissions and senior personal tutor. He is also one of two Disability Champions for the School of Computing, Electronics and Mathematics, and is also a Mental Health Champion.