David Graham

Fluid Dynamics for industry and the environment. Numerical methods for PDE’s. Turbulence. Dispersion and diffusion. Particle methods. Mathematical finance.

David’s main research interests are in both analytical and computational fluid dynamics. On the computational side, most recent research has been related to relatively novel methods such as smoothed particle hydrodynamics (SPH) and lattice Boltzmann methods but past work includes traditional methods such as finite differences, finite elements and boundary elements. He has a long-standing interest in applying numerical and analytical methods to solve real problems related to turbulence, free surfaces, multiphase flows or non-Newtonian flows, often with engineering applications. He is also interested in research related to teaching and assessing university-level Mathematics. David regularly acts as referee for a number of international journals in fluids and numerical methods and has acted as external examiner or research degrees at Strasbourg, Manchester and Cranfield Universities.