• Grants from LMS for collaboration and to hold a workshop (2017-2018)

    LMS grant “Research in pairs” to collaborate with Prof. Peter Newstead from University of Liverpool.   Dr Logares
    LMS grant “Celebration of appointment” to fund the Workshop “Derived Categories Geometry and Moduli Spaces” Dr Logares and Dr  Broomhead

  • Royal Society International Exchange Scheme Grant (2017-2019)

    Dr Dalla Valle (PI) and Dr Stander (Co-I) have been awarded a Royal Society International Exchange grant in collaboration with Prof Brunero Liseo of La Sapienza University of Rome on the topic “High-Dimensional Bayesian Dependence Modelling with Conditional Copulas”. The award will fund research visits to Plymouth and Rome.

  • NIHR RfPB grant (2016 – 2017)

    Dr Wei (Co-I) NIHR RfPB grant “A systematic review of physical activity for alcohol and substance use disorders: evidence synthesis with stakeholder engagement to formulate practical recommendations”. The grant (£154,528)  will fund a research assistant to work at Plymouth University Peninsula Schools of Medicine and Dentistry on the 15 months project.

  • EPSRC First Grant (2016)

    Dr King has been awarded an EPSRC (Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council) First Grant to fund a postdoc for 18 months on the topic of “Electron-seeded pair creation in intense laser pulses”.

  • LMS Undergraduate Research Bursary (2016)

    Dr Robertz has been awarded an LMS Undergraduate Research Bursary to fund an eight week long research project pursued by Edward Kitcher (stage 2 student) over the summer.

  • Royal Society International Exchange Scheme Grant (2016)

    Dr King has been awarded a Royal Society International Exchange Scheme grant in collaboration with Dr. H. Hu of the CARDC (Chinese Aerodynamics Research and Development Center) on the topic “Interaction of high power laser pulses with the quantum vacuum”. The award will fund a month-long research visit to Dr. Hu in Mianyang, China.

  • STFC DiRAC 3 framework, (2016-2019)

    Dr C McNeile (CoI), 42.20M core hours on Data Analytic Cluster with “High Precision QCD Collaboration”

  • STFC, DiRAC 3 framework (2016-2019)

    Dr A Rago (PI), 154.8M core hours on BGQ Edinburgh for UKQCD-BSM for studies of theories Beyond the Standard Model.

  • STFC, (1 October 2015- 30 September 2017)

    Dr C McNeile  “New Applicant scheme in Theoretical Particle Physics”.

  • STFC Consolidated grant (2014-2017)

    Consortium grant with Swansea University; Prof G Shore (Swansea U, lead), Prof K Langfeld (PI for Plymouth University), Dr Rago (CoI), “New Ideas in Gauge, String and Lattice Theory”. Value of the grant £184.901.