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Theory and Application of Evolutionary Algorithms

Evolutionary algorithms are iterative stochastic optimisation algorithms which achieve approximate solutions of a problem through use of naturally inspired ‘random’ operations such as crossover, mutation and natural selection. They act on a population of individuals, each one an approximation to a solution of the problem. Analysis of the algorithm is based upon analysis of how

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Cryptography is an eminently applicable area of mathematics. The problems come in several different flavours and utilise distinct areas of mathematics, giving available projects in at least the following two areas. a. Number-theoretic cryptography: Number-theoretic cryptosystems depend upon numerical base problems such as the discrete logarithm problem and integer factorisation problem. RSA is one example

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Game theory

Game theory, popularised by von Neumann and Morgenstern in 1944, is used to study a large variety of real-life situations concerning strategic decision making. It models conflict and cooperative strategies in business, economics, politics and cybersecurity, to name but a few, and may be used to predict short-term and long-term behaviours in a competitive environment.

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